Exoprimal: Battling Dinosaurs and Unveiling Crossovers in Xbox Game Pass Seasonal Roadmap


Exoprimal: Battling Dinosaurs and Unveiling Crossovers in Xbox Game Pass Seasonal Roadmap


Exoprimal, the new multiplayer action game developed by Capcom, takes players on a thrilling journey to battle hordes of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures in a futuristic setting. Launched on July 14, the game offers an immersive experience where players control Exofighters equipped with advanced exosuits and rigs to combat the fearsome enemies. With its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass, Exoprimal has confirmed exciting crossover plans, including collaborations with Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the gameplay mechanics, strategies for summoning dinosaurs, and the roadmap for future seasons, which promises new exosuits, maps, rigs, and dinosaurs.

Setting the Stage: The World of Exoprimal 

Exoprimal is set in the year 2043, where vortexes have unleashed a dinosaur outbreak on the planet. Players assume the role of Exofighters, skilled warriors armed with advanced AI-driven exosuits and rigs. These technological marvels empower players to take down the dangerous prehistoric creatures that threaten humanity.

Mastering the Exosuits: Diverse Arsenal for Battle 

Exoprimal offers a range of exosuits, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Notable exosuits include Deadeye and Barrage, focused on assault, Roadblock and Murasame, specialized in tanking, and Nimbus and WitchDoctor, known for their support capabilities. Players can strategically choose their exosuits to suit their preferred combat approach and complement their team dynamics.

Unleashing the Power: Summoning Dinosaurs 

While dinosaurs primarily appear as enemies in Exoprimal, players have the thrilling opportunity to encounter and summon them as allies during specific missions. The process involves activating a special rig called Dominator, granting exclusive control over a massive dinosaur to fight alongside the team. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on summoning the Dominator rig and utilizing the immense power of dinosaurs in battle.

Exoprimal Xbox Game
Exoprimal Xbox Game

Exploring the Missions: From Dino Survival to Special Challenges 

Exoprimal features a variety of missions that evolve as players progress through the game. These missions include Dinosaur Cull, Dino Pursuit, VTOL Defense, Data Key Security, Omega Charge, Energy Taker, Escort, Neo T. Rex, Vortexer Sabotage, Area Defense, and Uplink Control. The guide provides insights into each mission type, objectives, and strategies for success.

Seasonal Roadmap: Crossovers and Exciting Updates

Capcom has outlined the roadmap for Exoprimal’s first three seasons, revealing plans for major crossovers and content updates. Season 1 introduces players to the core gameplay experience, while Season 2 brings the highly anticipated collaboration with Street Fighter 6. Fans can expect new exosuits, maps, rigs, and dinosaurs tied to this crossover. Season 3 introduces a crossover with the popular Monster Hunter franchise, promising even more thrilling encounters and challenges.

Speculations and Beyond: The Future of Exoprimal 

The guide concludes by discussing speculation and possibilities surrounding the Exoprimal crossovers. While initial glimpses of the Exoprimal x Street Fighter 6 collaboration showcased a robotic Ryu battling a T-Rex, fans eagerly anticipate further details and surprises. Additionally, the guide explores the potential impact of a Monster Hunter crossover on the dinosaur enemies and gameplay mechanics.


Exoprimal stands as an exhilarating addition to the multiplayer action gaming genre, immersing players in a high-octane battle against dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. With its day one release on Xbox Game Pass, the game has captured the attention of players worldwide, and the confirmed seasonal roadmap fuels excitement for what lies ahead.

As players master the diverse exosuits and rigs, they unlock the potential to summon powerful dinosaurs through the Dominator rig, turning the tide of battles and adding a thrilling twist to the gameplay. The upcoming crossovers with Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter promise to take the experience to a whole new level, introducing beloved characters and elements from these iconic franchises.

Exoprimal’s live-service structure ensures a continuous flow of new content, keeping the community engaged and eager for more. As the game evolves through each season, players can anticipate fresh challenges, unique exosuits, exciting maps, and thrilling encounters with dinosaurs and other creatures.

In the ever-evolving world of Exoprimal, the only certainty is that the battle against dinosaurs is just the beginning. With each passing season, players will embark on new adventures, experience epic crossovers, and forge unforgettable memories in this action-packed universe.


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