BTS missing the Grammys once more


In response to BTS missing the Grammys once more, supporters label the awards “racist” You have no chance if you are not white and from the US.

After the group failed to win the prestigious honour for a third time, BTS supporters, known as the Army, criticised the Grammy Awards. BTS did not participate in the ceremony either.In spite of receiving numerous nominations, BTS was once again passed over for the Grammys. The group made up of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook has now missed out on the Grammys three times. They didn’t attend the event either, despite having performed there the previous three years to the delight of the crowd.

BTS’s popular songs Dynamite, Butter, and My Universe (with Coldplay), all of which were released last year, were nominated for Grammy Awards in 2023. They were nominated for the Best Music Video category as well, with J-solo Hope’s candidature coming next (Equal Sign).Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the Grammys 2023 winners list on Twitter in response. “Grammys voters ought to listen to Equal Sign and quit letting hate paralyse their minds,” one of them wrote. Since of their preconceived conceptions of BTS, they are the victims of their own bias because they refuse to even listen, missing out on some of this generation’s best songs. Another person commented, “Grammys fail BTS because the Grammys Awards are racist regardless of how talented the artists are. Another user tweeted, “Grammys continue to belittle, use, and abuse BTS through articles or through veiled racism. I fail to understand why anyone would even hope for one these days; Joon in particular has given up on them since 2020. Stop attaching importance to a staged show. Another supporter argued that the Recording Academy voters, not BTS, were to blame for their failure to win. BTS is at least the first Korean group to receive a Grammy nomination. Why did you not bring that up? Your pride whereabouts? I assumed you were all interested in that.

On Sunday, the 65th Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles. Beyoncé and the late Georg Solti were tied for the most Grammy Awards wins at the event. She was nominated for three awards and won three of them.
At the ceremony Beyoncé has tied the late Georg Solti for the most wins in Grammys history. She received three awards, after being nominated in categories including album, song and record of the year.BTS is now on hiatus to focus on solo careers. The group’s eldest member Jin is currently serving in military, others are set to follow him soon. They are estimated to return as a group around 2025.


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