Katy Perry’s Alcohol Detox Journey Inspires Launch of Très Rosé: A Delightful Addition to De Soi’s Non-Alcoholic Beverage Lineup

Katy Perry's Alcohol Detox Journey Inspires Launch of Très Rosé:

Katy Perry’s Alcohol Detox Journey Inspires Launch of Très Rosé: A Delightful Addition to De Soi’s Non-Alcoholic Beverage Lineup


Katy Perry, the renowned pop icon, recently embarked on a three-month sober journey alongside her partner, Orlando Bloom. This detox period allowed her to reset and find balance in her life while continuing to pursue her career and enjoy her downtime. In the midst of her journey, Perry co-founded De Soi, a line of sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs, which offers a range of delightful flavors for those seeking refreshing alternatives. With the launch of their newest flavor, Très Rosé, Perry aims to keep the party going without the morning-after hangover. In an exclusive interview, she and her co-founder, Morgan McLachlan, discuss their brand and offer insights into their favorite pairings and mocktail recipes.

Très Rosé
Très Rosé

Introducing De Soi and the Inspiration Behind Its Name

De Soi, the non-alcoholic beverage brand co-founded by Katy Perry, draws inspiration from the deeper meanings of life. The name itself is derived from Latin and translates to “pleasure with restraint” in French. Perry explains that she has always been intrigued by finding alternative perspectives in everything, and it was only natural for the brand to embody this mindset. By creating sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs, Perry and McLachlan aim to offer enjoyable experiences while promoting a more balanced lifestyle. They believe that pleasure can be found in restraint and that indulgence doesn’t have to be synonymous with alcohol.

Exploring the New Très Rosé Flavor and its Composition

The latest addition to the De Soi lineup is Très Rosé, a sparkling brut with a delightful blend of tart raspberry and lychee flavors. Perry and McLachlan carefully curated the composition of Très Rosé, incorporating adaptogens such as lion’s mane and saffron. Lion’s mane contributes liveliness to the beverage, while saffron adds a soothing element. These adaptogens not only enhance the taste profile but also offer additional health benefits. Très Rosé provides a fresh, tropical feeling without being overly sweet, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer dry rosé. With a focus on taste, De Soi aims to deliver a delightful experience that rivals traditional alcoholic beverages.

Favorite Flavors and Preparation Recommendations

Perry and McLachlan share their personal preferences among the four flavors offered by De Soi. McLachlan mentions that Golden Hour, the lightest flavor in the lineup, pairs well with chicken or fish due to its citrusy and herbaceous nature. Perry expresses her love for Purple Lune, which she enjoys over ice in a red-wine glass to recreate a sangria-like experience. Both interviewees agree that all the flavors are versatile and can be served on ice, chilled, or customized with other ingredients to create unique mocktails.

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Pairings and Ideal Times to Savor De Soi Mocktails

In terms of pairings, McLachlan suggests enjoying Golden Hour with lighter dishes like chicken or fish due to its citrusy notes. Perry adds that Purple Lune, being the richest and most complex flavor, is perfect for evening sipping. Très Rosé, with its versatility and ability to complement different types of foods, can be enjoyed throughout the day. The interviewees emphasize that De Soi’s mocktails are designed to provide a delightful and refreshing experience, enhancing various dining occasions.

Perry’s Three-Month Sober Pact and the Benefits of Resetting

Perry discusses her recent three-month sober pact with Orlando Bloom, explaining that it was an opportunity to reset and allow her body to recover. She emphasizes the importance of supporting her partner and finding balance in her own life. Perry shares that the sober journey helped her gain a deeper appreciation for the experiences she was missing out on while relying heavily on alcohol. Through her commitment to health and well-being, Perry demonstrates that occasional relaxation and unwinding can be achieved without compromising a healthy lifestyle.

Conclusion ;

Katy Perry’s recent alcohol detox journey has led her to embrace balance and seek out alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. With her brand, De Soi, Perry offers a range of sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs, encouraging others to explore healthier options and find personal balance in their lives.


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