Mega Millions jackpot reaches $785 million


Mega Millions jackpot reaches $785 million

In time for the first drawing of 2023, the Mega Millions jackpot reaches $785 million.
The fourth jackpot in Mega Millions history to surpass $700 million, the jackpot now stands at $785 million.

The jackpot will move to the following ticket drawing on Tuesday because no ticket matched the six numbers selected on Friday. Over 2.7 million winning tickets with rewards ranging from $2 to $1 million were drawn on Friday.

Thanks to a huge Mega Millions® prize slated for next Tuesday, January 3, there is plenty of lottery excitement as 2023 gets begun! A press statement from Mega Millions on Saturday stated:According to Mega Millions, every Mega Millions jackpot that reached $700 million has kept increasing until it reaches $1 billion. The greatest jackpot ever won in the United States was $2.04 billion for Powerball, while the record Mega Millions jackpot was more than $1.5 billion won in South Carolina in 2018. In November, that was asserted in California.With a winning ticket from Illinois, the most recent Mega Millions prize that over $1 billion was won in July.

Mega Millions tickets cost $2.00 each, and players choose six numbers in the hopes that the winning ticket matches their selections.

Following yet another drawing with no grand prize winners, the current Mega Millions jackpot is now the fourth-largest in the game’s history.The winning numbers on Friday (15, 21, 32, 38, 62, and the Mega Ball 8) were all unmatched, continuing a run of 22 consecutive drawings that started in the middle of October. With a cash option of $395 million, the jackpot is currently projected to be worth $785 million.With that sum, the jackpot is officially the fourth largest in Mega Millions history, trailing just three more recent jackpots that exceeded the $1 billion mark.

Since two ticket buyers in California and Florida successfully matched all six numbers to split a $502 million prize in October, the jackpot has been slowly increasing. The Mega Millions lottery announced in a news release that no one has ever managed to match all six numbers from a subsequent drawing, despite the fact that 41 players have won second-tier prizes worth at least $1 million.In the press release from last Friday, it was also mentioned that January might be a lucky month for participants since one of the game’s few billion-dollar jackpots was won in that month in 2021.

The press announcement stated that the jackpot could potentially continue to grow throughout the month and posed the question, “Will history repeat itself with another billion-dollar January win?

Mega Millions jackpot reaches $785 million

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