People would throw elbows at me says Lana Del Rey


“People would throw elbows at me,” says Lana Del Rey of the physical harassment she endured as a result of her success.

Following her meteoric rise to fame, Lana Del Rey used to experience public shoving.

The “Video Games” hitmaker was shocked to encounter internet abuse and feminist peddlers as she walked down the street and for telling it how it is in her lyrics.She remembered what happened to her in an interview with Billie Eilish for Interview Magazine: “All of a sudden, I was strolling down the street as I normally did, and people would throw elbows at me.was thinking, “Oh my gosh, there’s no way it truly occurred.” Someone gave me a nudge after recognising me. Or I was eating in a bistro in San Francisco.The 37-year-old celebrity muffled the din by touring for almost ten years.I kept my head down while touring for nine years, she claimed.

“I didn’t believe anything could ever rise to the level where, for example, Interview Magazine would announce, “You’re on the cover. It still makes you wonder, “Really? ”

Lana found it “very tough” to be the target of such animosity for telling the truth.When things in your life change drastically, she said, “you almost want to have a drastically different perspective.”You can’t push it, but if you maintain your composure, it will eventually arrive. I am aware that the procedure I underwent was not the same as what many other people underwent. Everyone receives an equal amount.

Lana added: “That was quite tough, because at the time, I was just trying to figure things out. Now, you hear a lot of singer-songwriters and rappers talking about how things really are in their lives, and a lot of it is super messy. And everyone’s like, ‘The storytelling is amazing, and I love that they’re baring it all.’ I always felt with me that there was some catch-22 and I wasn’t sure what it was for a long time.”Billie, 21, commented that she “relate[s] to so much” of what Lana said about having a career of “trial by fire”.


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