Under Mourinho’s Watch: Roma’s Europa League Dreams Hang in the Balance as Dybala’s Injury Clouds Final Clash


Dybala’s Injury Looms Over Roma’s Europa League Final, Mourinho Concerned About Absence


Paulo Dybala’s fitness uncertainty casts a shadow over Roma’s clash with Sevilla

AS Roma’s hopes for the Europa League final against Sevilla have been marred by the fitness concerns surrounding forward Paulo Dybala. With the influential Argentine struggling to recover from an ankle injury, manager Jose Mourinho expressed his apprehensions about Dybala’s availability for the crucial match. As Roma prepares for the final, Dybala’s potential absence looms as a significant challenge. Let’s explore the details surrounding Dybala’s injury and its potential impact on Roma’s chances in the final.

Dybala’s Lingering Ankle Injury:

Paulo Dybala suffered an ankle injury at the end of the previous month, hindering his recovery progress. Despite ongoing medical attention, the 29-year-old Argentine has been unable to regain full fitness, raising doubts about his participation in the Europa League final.

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Mourinho Expresses Concern:

Manager Jose Mourinho voiced his concerns about Dybala’s ability to feature in the final. He admitted that he does not believe Dybala will be fit to play and expressed hope that the forward can at least be included on the bench for a limited role in the match.

Dybala's Injury Looms Over Roma's Europa League Final, Mourinho Concerned About Absence
Dybala’s Injury Looms Over Roma’s Europa League Final, Mourinho Concerned About Absence

Impact on Roma’s Attack:

Dybala’s potential absence poses a significant blow to Roma’s offensive capabilities. With 16 goals and eight assists across all competitions this season, the Argentine has been a vital contributor to the team’s success. Finding a suitable replacement for his creative flair and goal-scoring prowess will be crucial for Roma’s chances against Sevilla.

Pellegrini’s Return Provides Relief:

On a positive note, midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini is set to make his comeback for the final after missing two previous games due to injury. Pellegrini’s return brings a sense of stability to Roma’s midfield and offers some support in Dybala’s potential absence.

Abraham Highlights Dybala’s Importance:

Roma striker Tammy Abraham spoke highly of Dybala’s impact on the team, acknowledging his qualities and expressing the collective sentiment of missing him when he is unable to play. Dybala’s absence will undoubtedly be felt by his teammates, who will need to adapt and find alternative sources of inspiration to compensate for his potential absence.

Mourinho’s Complex Relationship with Tottenham:

Jose Mourinho, who has managed top clubs such as Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, revealed mixed feelings about his former club, Tottenham Hotspur. While he holds a deep emotional connection with his previous teams, Mourinho acknowledged that he lacks a similar attachment to Spurs, citing various factors that contributed to this sentiment.

Uncertainty Surrounding Abraham’s Future:

Amidst ongoing rumors about his future, Tammy Abraham remained focused on the Europa League final and stressed the significance of securing the trophy for Roma. While acknowledging the existence of speculations, Abraham reiterated his commitment to the team’s success and his determination to deliver another title to the club.


AS Roma faces an uphill battle in their preparations for the Europa League final due to the uncertainty surrounding Paulo Dybala’s injury. The potential absence of the influential forward leaves a void in Roma’s attacking prowess. However, the return of Lorenzo Pellegrini provides a glimmer of hope, while Tammy Abraham and the rest of the team remain resolute in their pursuit of European glory. Mourinho’s concerns and mixed feelings about his former club add an intriguing subplot to the final. As the highly anticipated match approaches, Roma must find the right balance and alternative sources of inspiration to overcome Dybala’s potential absence and emerge victorious. The Europa League final against Sevilla promises to be a test of Roma’s resilience and adaptability as they strive to lift the coveted trophy.



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