To commemorate Earth Day


To commemorate Earth Day, online lender Kroo introduces an in-app tree-planting option.



Since its founding in 2016, Kroo has introduced its current account service and obtained its full banking licence in 2022. In keeping with its goal to be “Bigger than banking,” Kroo plants two trees for each new client. By 2024, it wants to have planted a million trees.

Kroo has now planted more than 330,000 trees, helped along by the daily addition of up to 1,000 new clients. Customers of Kroo may now choose where their trees are planted as part of a new in-app feature in honour of Earth Day.

Two projects are being supported by the initiative. One organisation in India works with vulnerable smallholder farmers to establish fruit trees as a way to fight food insecurity. The programme instructs farmers on how to take care of their trees.

The second, in Guatemala, involves planting 350,000 trees to increase biodiversity and climate resilience. In addition, a Board Social Conscience Committee and an Ethical Committee make up Kroo’s Board level of leadership.

By reducing its application procedure, Kroo not only benefits the environment but also keeps developing and improving its services. Kroo is also broadening its selection of goods.

3.33% AER / 3.28% Gross (variable) on current account balances up to £85,000 is part of Kroo’s current offering.

current account with deposit and overdraft insurance;


From 1 April 2023 to 31 October 2023, there will be no fees for using ATMs abroad; a tool that enables users to easily split expenses in real-time, track them, and settle their accounts; card controls within the app, chat capabilities, and simple access to credit score;

Zero-fee contactless debit card from VISA customer service staff based in the UK;

Through its charity partner, the in-app tree planting and community building recommendation programme

Electronic garbage, or “e-waste,” is a problem that is spreading throughout the world as technology use advances. In 2019, the globe produced 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste, but only 17.4% of that was collected and recycled, according to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020. It’s time, in our opinion, to step up electronic waste recycling. For each accepted cell phone, tablet, or laptop, our new technology repair programme will plant 20 mangrove trees. 20 trees for each gadget, that’s correct.


The Earth911 eWaste for Trees programme was created to address the issue of e-waste while simultaneously promoting reuse to increase a device’s useful life. In order to offset carbon emissions and restore ecosystems, the programme plants 20 trees for each device that is accepted for refurbishment. The programme helps lower the need for new devices by refurbishing existing ones, which lowers the quantity of raw materials required to make new ones. Earth911 will receive a commission when you send a device that is approved for refurbishment; this commission pays for the trees and supports our Recycling Search services.


Take the first step in our free, secure recycling programme by planting 20 trees right away if you have a phone, tablet, or laptop that is ready to be recycled.


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