5 Facts About American Guitarist Tom Verlaine Before His Death

Jesse Paris Smith reported that Tom Verlaine passed away in New York "after brief illness."

Without providing a cause of death, the daughter of Verlaine and punk poet laureate Patti Smith informed The New York Times.

With the landmark album "Marquee Moon," influential frontman of the band "Television," Tom Verlaine, came out of the New York punk rock underground in the late 1970s.

Verlaine, who was born Thomas Miller, took the last name Verlaine after French poet Paul Verlaine, whose lyricism he attempted to incorporate into his songwriting.

Even while "Marquee Moon" won praise from publications like Rolling Stone, NME, and Pitchfork, television only achieved modest commercial success.

After releasing two albums, the band split up, and Mr. Verlaine went solo and worked with many other musicians, including Smith and David Bowie.