After Olivia Dunne fans disrupted a gymnastics competition, LSU increased security.

Following an incident involving noisy supporters of Tigers star Olivia Dunne, LSU has increased security surrounding its gymnastics competitions.

On Friday, the Tigers go to the University of Kentucky. I take the security and safety of our personnel extremely seriously, Clark added.

Despite the fact that Dunne, a 6.7 million-follower TikTok influencer and the highest-paid female college athlete

A day after the competition, 2008 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team member and ESPN analyst Sam Peszek posted a video of the crowd gathered outside the arena

Peszek remarked, "This is honestly so horrifying, frightening, and cringey. "I feel bad for them,"

 Monday's home opener for LSU features the reigning champion Oklahoma. With a few small changes, Clark stated that security