At the premiere of "80 For Brady," Rita Moreno, 91, Lily Tomlin, 83, and Sally Field, 76, all look stunning.

As she smiled for photos and clasped hands with her co-stars on the red carpet, Jane Fonda welcomed the fantastic news

On Friday night in Palm Springs, California, Jane Fonda, 85, attended the most recent screening of her newest movie

The stunning actress, who just shared the wonderful news that her illness has gone into remission

Rita looked stunning with a long leopard-print skirt, a flowing red shirt with a beautiful pin on the side of the shoulder

Sally looked chic, as did Lily, who wore a black blazer over a black shirt, black leggings, and black shoes.

Jane enhanced her appearance with attractive makeup. Her attractive features were accentuated by red lipstick, thick eyeliner, and blush.