Bullshit amongst buddies, Big Fone's "da discord," and a group at the conclusion cause trouble on 5/2 according to BBB 23.

This season saw the debut of the most well-known ringtone in Brazil, and Tinawa was the sister who returned the call the quickest.

 Along with the Angolan woman's decisions, people who were imprisoned also discussed Paredo in the morning consequences.

Tina hurried outside the home to attend to Big Fone before anyone else and had to tell Paredo about two prisoners who were being held there.

Domitila Barros and Gabriel Santana were selected by the marketing analyst to take the stage. Jeez!

Domitila Barros talked about Paula's acquisition of the Joker Power during their conversation in the kitchen.

Tina gave an explanation of her decision to attend the Big Fone during a talk with Fred Nicácio and Marvvila in the home's yard.