China makes fun of the US by saying, "If clothes are spy, they would have to walk nude."

What else is America terrified of, besides TikTok and cranes? The Chinese state that "maybe what the US needs right now is some sort of communal treatment."

The US, which is in full decline of its hegemony, is creating anti-China phobia to benefit commercially, according to an article published this Monday (6) by the Chinese publication Global Times.

Recently, the American government issued a "fantastic" warning about the potential use of Chinese cranes installed in its ports as espionage tools in the Asian nation.

US lawmakers have now raised yet another issue. They were concerned that massive Chinese-made cranes working in US ports might be used as covert Chinese spying devices.

The panic of US politicians over 'national security' is getting crazier and worse, from Huawei to TikTok, from balloons to cranes.

Chinese goods, particularly enormous cranes, are widely utilised throughout the world precisely because of their exceptional performance and dependable quality.