Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson reunite to celebrate Ryder's high school graduation.

Good job, baby! Ryder Robinson's father Chris Robinson was there during the family's celebration

To celebrate her oldest child's academic achievement, Kate Hudson posted two images to Instagram. In the first.

 In the second photo, Ryder's father Chris Robinson and a beaming Hudson, 43, can be seen standing on either side of the recent graduate 

Today was an important day for our family. As if that day is so far away it is barely attainable, the actress began her poignant caption. And now here we are!

Then Hudson said, "Way to go baby! Mama adores you! AND!!! To all the parents who are currently experiencing the same

Robinson, 55, to whom Hudson was married for more than five years before their separation in 2006, is the father of her lone child, Ryder.