Discover Bruna Griphao's workout to sculpt your butt and abs.

We spoke with personal trainer Ricardo Lapa about the actress's physical preparation for her arrival into the most popular house in Brazil

To get ready for her participation in the 23rd season of Big Brother Brazil, Bruna Griphao has recently increased her training regimen.

According to Ricardo Lapa, the Lapa Team's founder, Bruna exercises twice daily, including one with an online session at Academia Foguete, seven days a week.

Bruna's method, which he uses, is metabolic training with variations referred to as A/B: "In one day, we execute a sequence of lowers

A block of these three exercises is performed four times. He instructs, "The following day, in training B, we exercise uppers, abs again, and cardio.

Bruna prefers to work out her glutes and abdomen, and her ultimate goal is to keep her current physique's low body fat and high volume of lean material.