Buzzworthy Donuts: A viral video of bees on Krispy Kreme donuts in Mexico leaves netizens shocked and amused.

Sticky Situation: Bees make an unexpected appearance at a Krispy Kreme store, covering trays of donuts. Would you still eat them?  

Sweet Rewards for Graduates: Krispy Kreme celebrates high school and college graduates by offering free donuts 

Donut Diplomas: Krispy Kreme presents graduates with a special "Dough-ploma" sleeve to accompany their free donuts 

Bee Jokes Abuzz: Netizens react to the bee-filled donut video, finding humor in the unexpected topping 

A+ Donuts: Krispy Kreme previously rewarded students with free donuts for achieving A grades. The loophole? No school verification required 

Graduation Treats: Krispy Kreme's tradition of giving free donuts to graduates continues, spreading joy and sweetness 

From Bees to Degrees: Krispy Kreme captures attention with bees on donuts, but shifts focus to celebrating graduates with free treats