"Every Day the Same Night": series is both painful and appreciative towards Kiss nightclub

Even now, the tragic night of January 27, 2013, when 242 young people perished inside the Kiss nightclub, remains one of the most chilling incidents in Brazilian history.

In a catastrophe that has persisted ten years later without the proper accountability of the offenders by the Brazilian Justice, another 636 individuals were hurt.

Every Day at the Same Night, a new national miniseries from Netflix, will cover more of Justice in its five 45-minute episodes.

The performance, which debuts this Wednesday, the 25th, is based on the same-named novel by Daniela Arbex and reminds Brazil of the parents of young people's never-ending battle.

The show presents the survivors' plight that night as a historic rescue in a very responsible manner with the victims and their parents.

But the miniseries deepens in the pursuit of justice and respect for the 272 young people who died in Kiss.