Exclusive with Bruna Gomes and Bernardo Sousa. I never anticipated falling in love on Big Brother.

Bruna and Bernardo first met on Big Brother - Famous. Yes, that programme that, as they say, everyone watches but nobody guesses.

The toughest thing there is is living with someone you don't know or like 24 hours a day. It might be disastrous.

They also share a strong friendship, the amiable Bruna interjects, adding. He is a true friend of mine, you know? I believe him.

One of them is geography. They develop a strong media culture, which causes a lot of things. Then Bruna claims that their relationship is typical.

Because she thinks that everything may work out if people are willing to compromise on certain issues and develop coping mechanisms for others.

For the February issue of Men's Health, where they will star in the Special Seduction, Bernardo and Bruna were interviewed.