Feminism does not exist in Portugal, according to Luana Piovani's lawsuit.

Pedro Scooby, Luana Piovani's ex-husband, is suing her. Outraged, the Brazilian actress made it known that she already has a clientele lined up for the following week.

He pointed out people who are, in his opinion, the causes of the process, saying, "He's trying to shut me up and I understand since he burns his film a lot.

For her part, Luana argues in defence of herself that she only brings up issues since doing so enables her to get them resolved.

Despite the fact that the ex-couple had established the custody of the kids in Brazil, Pedro Scooby chose to start this legal action.

"Here in Portugal, the court is considerably more favourable to him," Luana reasons the choice.

In her severe criticism of the Portuguese court system, Luana Piovani goes further.