"Flamengo fans are going to jump for glee, this has arrived in Brazil," says a source; 2023 bombing of CRF shakes the nation

Flamengo fans are agitated by Vtor Pereira's comment, "You can now call Dorival," online.

Flamengo perseveres in the World Cup despite the odds and has faith in Gabigol

Michael is a player who Flamengo supporters adore. Jorge Jesus, who recognised the striker's skill in Goiás, asked the player to join the Mais Querido do Brasil in 2021.

The athlete even had successful games at first, but after Jorge Jesus left, his play declined and he was benched for an extended period of time.

News of his potential release to another team was available at the time. Micha became a crucial player when Renato Gacho arrived at Mengo

The striker contributed numerous goals, assists, and skillful plays to the Brazilian Championship in the latter part of 2021.