Highlights from Miss Universe 2022: This is what R'Bonney said during her first news conference.

"Your defeat may really provide you with a chance to bounce back stronger. If not right away, when? My bathing suit cape has that on it.

R'Bonney Gabriel recalled her father's advice, "Accomplish what you want to do, whatever that is, since the time is now more than ever."

As the first Filipino-American Miss Universe, she expressed her pride in her Filipino ancestry, saying, "I can now be a voice, a larger voice for other girls.

2022 Miss Universe: Houston, Texas native R'Bonney is a fashion designer, model, and sewing instructor.

Consider the occasion when India's Harnaaz Kumar Sandhu was crowned Miss Universe 2021 one year ago.

Model, fashion designer, and sewing instructor R'Bonney Gabriel, 28, puts the environment first in all of her work