In a speech, Rodrigo Simas exposes everything about himself, saying, "I never disclosed this, but I am a bisexual man."

Whether to be or not to be is the question. Shakespeare's "Hamlet," a masterpiece composed between 1599 and 1601 

people think that the prince preferred Horacio, his close friend, to Ofélia, whom he courted but ultimately turned down.  

Rodrigo Simas portrays an actor just before the premiere of the well-known show  also features three other main characters.  

He appears briefly naked while wearing a chastity belt on stage.  

Simas, who is speaking openly about the subject for the first time, does not have a problem with exposure, either of the body or of sexuality itself.  

I frequently imagined myself in the role of the play's character during rehearsals, the actor who has tensions and concerns.