Notary's refusal to register Seu Jorge's son is explained by attorneys

The So Paulo registry office's rejection to register "Samba," the child of musician Seu Jorge and therapist Karina Barbieri, has received a lot of attention in the media.

I mean, isn't it possible that the civil registry official won't register the name that the child's parents have chosen?

A vital right that individualises and elevates the person is their name.

Rafael Pinheiro, a lawyer, argued that the child cannot in any way suffer because of the parents' choice of a first name.

He claims that the public records law (6.015/73) establishes in its article 55 that the registrar should not register names that are likely to subject the individual to mockery.

Asmine Kunrath, a professor and expert in Notarial and Registry Law, argued that the matter is ambiguous and that the law did not specify stronger positions on the subject.