Public chooses the seventh Paredo's top moment, according to a BBB poll

Marvvila and Larissa's draw, the grouping of players, and the strength provided by Big Fone were some of the key moments in Paredo's formation dynamics this past Sunday at BBB 23.

Marvvila was declared the winner of the Gshow poll for choosing Amanda and becoming walled in as the highlight of Sunday.

By casting her lone vote for Amanda, the pagodeira managed to tie the vote between Larissa and herself.

The doctor voted for Marvvila alongside Larissa and Cara de Sapato, refusing to support Cezar, Sarah Aline, and Gabriel Santana in Larissa.

In order to break the tie, leader Fred despatched the vocalist to Paredo. At 50.01% of the poll, the general people voted this as the night's best moment.

With 14.99% of the votes, MC Guimê fleeing from Paredo in Prova Bate-Volta took second place.