Review of AMC's exasperating Anne Rice adaptation, "Mayfair Witches" starring Alexandra Daddario

The supernatural drama centres on a doctor who discovers her ancestry as a descendant of powerful

As luxuriant as the overgrown yard of the New Orleans bungalow where much of it takes place, AMC's Mayfair Witches appears at first glance.

The story, which was adapted from Anne Rice's novels, revolves on a preternaturally talented surgeon named Rowan 

 But amidst this sinister lore, creators Esta Spalding and Michelle Ashford  make the grave error of putting mythology and mystery ahead

Rowan Fielding has no idea of her true heritage at the start of the season, much less the ghastly history it carries.

 As the creature's most prevalent form, Jack Huston is excellently cast as a graceful man with a mysterious smile