Samara Joy, who won the Grammy over Anitta, is mocked by Brazilians on the networks.

Samara Joy, an American singer who won the title of "Revelation Artist" at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (5), was the target of a barrage of abuse and derision.

Another group of Brazilians responded by visiting the profile of the aspiring jazz musician, expressing regret and wishing her luck.

Once Samara's report of the victory was published by the Recording Academy, which oversees the award

The "Anitters" started to leave comments, accusing her of "stealing," saying that "she will never be Anitta," and even joking about "taking down the account" by reporting the profile.

Similar remarks from other fans urging the musician to play in Brazil were also made.

After winning, Samara didn't post anything on her profile about the "invasion" of Brazil.