Arnold Schwarzenegger's kids with Maria Shriver reportedly have a strained relationship with his illegitimate son, Joe Baena.

Baena, the product of Schwarzenegger's affair with their former housekeeper, is not accepted by his half-siblings. 

Schwarzenegger and Baena have a close bond, but the other children take their parents' affair out on him. 

Baena attended the premiere of Schwarzenegger's new Netflix show alone, while his half-siblings were present. 

Despite the tension, Baena expressed pride in his dad on social media, receiving supportive comments from followers. 

Baena and Patrick, Schwarzenegger's son, reportedly have some connection and were seen working out together. 

Schwarzenegger has always provided for Baena, but his relationship with his other children remains complicated. 

The strained dynamics between Schwarzenegger's children were evident at the premiere, with Baena staying for the after-party while his half-siblings left.