The youngest daughter of Camilla Camargo's birthday is celebrated by Wanessa and Dado Dolabella

Grandpa Zezé di Camargo, Aunt Wanessa Camargo, her partner Dado Dolabella, and Graciele Lacerda  

The child's godparents, Luciele Camargo and her husband Denlson, joined in the festivities as well. 

Grandmother Zilu is in the country since it is required for her to be there while her greencard application  

The actress is also the mother of Joaquim, a 3-year-old son from her marriage to businessman Leonardo Lessa, in addition to Jlia. 

The offspring of Wanessa Camargo's marriage to business 

Wanessa, Camilla, and Igor di Camargo and their parents, Zezé and Camargo