Usain Bolt of Jamaica is missing $12.7 million in an investment fraud case

Usain Bolt's attorneys claim that their client was scammed of $12.7 million from his account. Bolt has won eight Olympic gold medals.

officials are looking into how $12.7 million from his account with a private investment company in Jamaica was fraudulently taken.

Last week, Stocks and Securities Ltd (SSL), a Kingston-based company, notified Bolt that the balance on his account had mysteriously decreased.

Bolt's attorney, Linton P. Gordon, stated on Friday that the account, which formerly held $12.8 million, now only has $12,000.

If the business does not return the money, Gordon said, "We will be taking the matter to court."

Kingston-based SSL, a private wealth management service, has been placed under "increased control" while the Financial Services Commission (FSC) looks into the company.