Where to watch Remo vs. So Raimundo live and online, as well as the timing, lineup, and other information from the Copa Verde quarterfinals.

This Wednesday, February 22, at 7 p.m. (Brazilian time), Remo and So Raimundo square off in Baeno for the second leg of the Copa Verde quarterfinals. 

The game will be televised on Remo TV, the Paraense club's official YouTube channel. 

Remo takes the field in an effort to advance to the tournament semifinals after losing the unbeaten streak 

They defeated Humaitá 4 to 1 in the round of 16, while So Raimundo destroyed So Francisco 6 to 0. 

Each team won one of the three games that were played between them, and there was also a draw. 

The two teams' most recent meeting occurred in the group stage of the 2005 Série C tournament